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Meet the Team


Bríd "VIP (Very Important Patient)"

Brid is the bravest of us all. Hailing from Ireland, Brid has been a volunteer at the civil defense force for 10 years. This is where she first experienced technical rescue, and since then has been hooked. She has taken part in many competitions since then, and we are exceptionally lucky she trusts us so completely.


Originally from Argentina, Cecy now lives in Spain. She is a powerhouse who has been a rope technician for 16 years. Rope access changed her personal and professional life and she is passionate about learning new things every day as a result.



Saskia is from the Netherlands. She loves rope access because every day is different with it's own unique views and challenges. With Yes Ma'am, she wants to create opportunity for women to compete and inspire other women to do the same.


Alia comes from Canada. She has been a rope technician for over a decade, getting her level 3 IRATA at the age of 32. She has been trained in rescue with a background in entertainment rigging. In her free time you'll usually find her outside somewhere, climbing something, or playing on the water.



Susanne is from Germany. She started her long career with ropes and adventure at just 6 years old, she has been adventuring and working at heights since then. Susanne became an IRATA technician at the age of 31 and powered through the training to have her Level 3 at just 37. She has spent years climbing, caving, as a mountain soldier, arborist, and safety manager for a high ropes course.


Kitana accidentally signed up for a ropes course back in 2012, and since then has been loving all of it. She is Tawain's first female Level 3 IRATA technician as of 2016 and owns a rope access training center in Taipei. She is well suited as our evaluator as she has been to four Grimpday competitions over the years.



Lydia is from Malaysia, but currently resides on a sailboat with her husband and dog. She used to work as an outdoor guide, now she is a rope technician. She puts her studies of physics and adventure tourism into practice by designing and building ropes courses all over the world.

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