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Chiao Day 2 - Scenario 2

Our second scenario of the day involves an artificial high directional. The area with skulls is restricted. The stretcher attendant is allowed to go down the stairs and around the building to approach the casualty with the stretcher. There are no anchor points on the roof, the only anchor points are the tree and the fire truck on either side of the central structure. Time stops when our casualty in the stretcher touch down on top of the building. Time limit for this scenario is 70mins.

Chiao Taiwan Rope Rescue Competition Asia

Every task starts with the briefing

Alia and Susanne rig the anchor points to the tree on one side of the structure

titanium basket stretcher
While Saskia and Kitana take care of the welfare of our VIP

Assembling the Arizona Vortex

Rocky Talkie
Saskia at the fire truck with our VIP in the shade (comfort of the patient is high priority)
Arizona Vortex artificial high directional
Our completed setup

Technical details to the setup as follows

  1. Anchor point from the tree to the top of the building using HTP Sterling Ropes with descenders on the end so the length and angle can be adjusted easily.

  2. We choose to use Kong DNA biners for the redirection of the tension line on the Arizona Vortex instead of pulleys because we do not have unlimited amount of pulleys!

  3. Double pulley with a backup for the hauling line of the tension diagonal

  4. All anchor points are rigged with double Mamba 50kN slings

Traverse Rescue Pinnacle Basket Stretcher
Safety check before lift off
women strong climb like a girl haul like a girl women in rope access women in rescue technical rope rescue tension diagonal
Yes Ma'am Cranes on the job
Brid our VIP flying up the tension diagonal

Here, we chose to fly the casualty solo; without the stretcher attendant. First, with only 1 persons weight on the tension diagonal, it is a much smoother, faster ride. The suspended time of the casualty was no more than a minute. With only the weight of the stretcher we cleared the leading edge quicker and cleaner. Ultimately, time is the deciding factor for most rescue, that is, to get the casualty to proper medical care as soon as possible.

Would you allow your casualty to fly solo?

  • 0%Yes

  • 0%No way!

We welcome your reasonings and ideas in the comment section below

When all the stress is over!

A good 45 minutes of stress! It feels pretty intense with pressure of the time ticking, with so many eyes watching every single move and every word that comes out of your mouth. I'll admit, I'm not the most polite and gentle team leader, but I am learning, and trying new things each competition. There are a lot of things going on at once in such short period of time; from task delegation, to technique, to making decisions based on the tiniest details that make a huge difference in the entirety of the system. Of course, there is also the grand overview, and the safety of all team members and our VIP.

94 points out of 100. The points we lost were from the time. This setup took a bit of time, with the rigging and the setup of the Arizona Vortex. The next Yes Ma'am training session would be to assemble the vortex in record time!

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